EXOMEGAINUP is developed using a proprietary Exome technology with excellent bioavailability.EXOMEGAINUP helps to enhance the soil quality by increasing the soil friendly microflora. Proprietary biological form of EXOMEGAINUP helps in quick absorption and translocation of the nutrients. EXOMEGAINUP optimizes the quantity and quality of the plant growth hormones produced naturally in the plant.


  • Positively influences the rate of seed and stalk formation.
  • Helps in the production of auxins and other plant growth hormones.
  • Stimulates root growth and new root formation.
  • Improves the bioavailability of plant sugars for all key functions.
  • Improves the seed and stalk maturation.
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients which is vital to the plant.
  • Improve crop yields.


0.5 ml to 2 ml per liter of water.