MINBOOST® takes care of the overall plant development throughout the life cycle. Due to its unique formulation MINBOOST® is highly penetrable. MINBOOST® have an excellent spray application.


  • Unlike traditional fertilizers or supplements, MINBOOST® ensures that there is no evaporation, leaching, eutrophication causing enormous loss to the crop, soil and the water bodies alike.
  • Easily digestible form of phosphates for naturally accelerated growth.
  • Bio organic mixture carrier for easy transportation into the cell sap.
  • MINBOOST® enhances the vegetative & reproductive growth of the plants and mimics the action of Auxins and other nutrient growth regulators.
  • Regulates enzyme and starch metabolism.
  • Reduces lodging and stunted growth.

Dosage:  0.5 ml to 2 ml per liter of water-foilar application.