Research & Development

Research and development in the genesis of Exome Life Sciences, back in 2003 a small team of chosen, dynamic, out of the box thinking scientists were assembled by the founders of Exome Life Sciences with a mandate to work on some pathbreaking ideas in the areas of bio availability of nutrients in plants and animals, application of photobiotics, techniques to extract alkaloids and phytopeptides enhancing the natural defence mechanism of plant and animals, harnessing strong accent on safety of the food we eat and sustainability.

The team has carried out untiring research in these areas with extensive investment of time, money, knowledge over a period of 14 years through many ups and downs, extensive in vitro and in vivo trials, fine tuning, optimization to come up with a slew of technologies in different fields that were incorporated in the development and commercialization various formulations in the field of agriculture and animal health. And Exome formally launched commercial operations in the year 2017.

We owe our birth and existence to our commitment to research and development, innovation, efficacy and sustainability. Exome stays committed and invested through expensive ongoing investments in these areas to deliver solutions that are the best incorporating the latest technologies that result in profits, safety and sustainability to our customers, and the planet we inhabit. 


  • Excellence in quality is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.
  • Fully equipped quality control and quality assurance departments.
  • Developed in house protocols that are unique and specific to our line of products to test.
  • Separate team in our R&D attached to QA.