SUPERSOIL is combination of plant extracts, seaweed extracts and humic acid that have a versatile application. SUPERSOIL helps to rejuvenate the soils from the waste debris and poisonous substances generated during the previous crops and due to the application of different fertilisers chemicals, pesticides and fungicides, which are the highly harmful contaminates that act as vectors of various toxic chemicals.
  • SUPERSOIL when applied in the post harvest soils helps to decontaminate the soil through a unique biochemical and biological process and oxygenates the soil to remove all chemical contaminants.
  • SUPERSOIL helps soil to hydrolyse phosphates and potash applied in the past years to soluble and absorbable forms.
  • SUPERSOIL basic anionic and cationic character help to hydrolyse and transport the hidden, inert and unavailable macro and micronutrients present in the soil.
  • SUPERSOIL helps to increases the absorption of the chemical or organic fertiliser and their up take.
  • SUPERSOIL helps to the soil to facilitate the proliferation of soil microbial flora by reducing the chemical toxicity and helps in symbiosis.
  • SUPERSOIL helps to strengthen the soil.
  • SUPERSOIL is biodegradable in nature does not impact any residual chemical effect on the soils.
  • Improves crop yeilds.


  • 0.5 to 2 ml per liter of water.