TETRAPOWER is a balanced blend of bio degradable organic mixture of bio carrier with traces of bio carrier/ amino impregnated fortified with hydrolyzed protein. TETRAPOWER is finely articulated for the quick TM transportation of nutrients.TETRAPOWER safe guards the plants during their life cycle from deficiencies when applied.


  • TETRAPOWER enhances the production and concentration of chlorophyll.
  • TETRAPOWER reduces the amount of nutrient supplementation required for plant growth and protects plants against the toxic effects of minerals and fertilizers.
  • TETRAPOWER accelerates the rate of root formation in the plant.
  • TETRAPOWER unique formulation makes the active bio minerals completely available to the plants.
  • TETRAPOWER is easily absorbed from roots as well as from leaves.
  • improves crop yields.


0.5 to 2 ml per liter of water.