EXOMESECURE® is a natural defence booster that impart plants the ability to protect themselves from fungal attacks and the ability to prevent manifestation into diseases during the entire life cycle and helps to safe guard the roots, stems, leaves, fruits and the produce after the harvest and substantially reduces post harvest losses.


  • Improves PAMP triggered immunity leading to amplified PTI response.
  • Inhibits colonization of the Fungi.
  • Imparts specific and non-specific immunity against diseases such as Phytophthora, Downy mildew and Pythium and other root rots, stem rots, and leaf spots of leaves and fruits etc.
  • Best results obtained as a preventive treatment.
  • Non phytotoxic, biodegradable.
  • Not harmful to the environment .
  • Does not leave any residues on the final yields /crops.
  • Improves crop yields.


  • 2 ml per liter of water-basal/foliar application.