TRUSOIL® is combination of microbial metabolites and peptides that have a versatile application TRUSOIL® helps to rejuvenates the soils from the waste debris and poisonous substances generated during the previous crops and due to the application of different fertilizers chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides, which are the highly harmful contaminates that act as vectors of various toxic chemicals.
  • TRUSOIL® When applied in the post harvest soils helps to decontaminate the soil through a unique biochemical and biological process and oxygenates the soil to remove all chemical contaminants.
  • TRUSOIL® helps to neutralize and eradicate the pathogenic microbes and disease precursors from the soil.
  • TRUSOIL® helps to eradicate insecticidal eggs, and worms and infection vectors like root sucking pests and creates inhibitive environment for nematode in the soils.
  • TRUSOIL® helps soil to hydrolyze phosphates and potash applied in the past years to soluble and absorbable forms.
  • TRUSOIL® basic anionic and cationic character help to hydrolyze and transport the hidden, inert and unavailable macro and micronutrients present in the soil.
  • TRUSOIL® helps to increases the absorption of the chemical or organic fertilizer and their up take.
  • TRUSOIL® helps to the soil to facilitate the proliferation of soil microbial flora and Fauna by reducing the chemical toxicity and helps in symbiosis.
  • TRUSOIL® helps to strengthen the soil as well as plants immunity and improves crop yields.
  • TRUSOIL® is bio degradable in nature and does not impart any residual chemical effect on the soils.
  • 5 Kg to 10 Kg per Acre.
General directions for use:
  • Soil application: Apply 5 to 10 kilograms of TRUSOIL® per Acre (preferably apply over soil in 2 applications). It may be side dressed, mixed with soil and applied, mixed liquid nutrients or spread directly on the soil after ploughing.
  • For better results: Apply 5 kgs ofTRUSOIL® per acre mixed withMINBOOST® 500 ml or EXOMEGAINUP® 500ml.
  • Avoid direct contacts with skin, eyes etc, in case of accidental contactimmediately wash / rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek symptomatic medical attention.
  • Use proper gloves for handling of the materials along with goggles and other personal protection equipment.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Once seal is opened it should be used immediately.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • TRUSOIL® is a Biostimulant plant and agricultural applications only. Not for human usage.